The Western Phantoms are a State League Volleyball club based in Country Victoria. Our oath is to support and grow volleyball of all levels in Country Victoria!

VVL 2019 Season Update

This is a massive weekend for our club and for our host Association Horsham, so everyone is expected to pull together to make it happen. Please ensure all duty teams are on court 20 mins before start of the game and also that all people that are assigned are prepared to duty!
We have not been assigned any referees, so we have to put up referees ourselves. Please check the Horsham Duty Roster April 1314 and if you are accredited, make sure you have signed up to Referee Manager to ensure you get paid.
Volleyball Horsham Phantoms and parents have also done a power of work to cater for the night. Cost will be $10 a head and there will be some of the best food you have ever tasted available on the night. Please note this won’t be in the form of a meal, it will be somewhere in between, but I can assure you won’t be disappointed. The night will start once the premier men’s match is complete. There will also be a canteen in operation at the basketball stadium throughout the weekend
Elsie has done a power of work for our Ipod Shuffle night. Please support this event. Even if you aren’t going to make it, at least buy a song off Elsie. Details are on our Events page.
By now all members should have paid their Club membership and completed their medical details either online with Care Monkey or via the membership form. Please also check that you have registered for your local Association too and if you are unsure, check with your local committee. Member numbers are an important part or your Association and should be officially recognised.
For Round 1 results, please check the Fixtures & Results page.

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