How many teams does Phantoms have each year and what level of competition is VVL (Victorian Volleyball League)?
VVL is structured as a two tiered competition with multiple divisions in each tier for Men and Women. In 2023 There will be a Premier Competition with 2 divisions (Premier 1 & 2) featuring the same 8 clubs in each division. There will also be a Reserves Competition with Reserves Divisions 1, 2 & 3 for any Club to enter at an appropriate level for each team they have. Clubs can also enter multiple teams in the same division in Reserves only. In 2022 Phantoms enter teams in the following divisions:
Premier 1 – Men & Women
Premier 2 – Men & Women
Reserves Division 2 – Men & Women
Reserves Division 3 – Women

Reserves Division 3 is a step up from your local competition or Academy training through to Premier which is the highest level of competition you can play in Victoria. If you are new to volleyball, or thinking about playing VVL for the first time, we recommend that you talk to your local Association members involved in Phantoms to understand the level and commitment.

Phantoms Volleyball Club will be aiming to enter as many competitive teams as possible in the 2023 VVL State League in both Men’s and Women’s divisions.
How do I play for Phantoms?
At the start of each year (late January/early February) Phantoms will host open trials for anyone interested in joining the club as a player. Details of these trials are posted on the Club website, Facebook page, Volleyball Victoria website and newsletter, emailed to our database and publicised through affiliate Associations. Anyone interested in playing must attend at least one trial (there are usually at least 2 trials) and then players are nominated by coaches into initial divisional squads of approximately 20 players – Premier & Reserves or Division 2 & 3. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please send your details to
If I am selected to play, which team will I be in?
Following trials players will be notified of their selection or non-selection and placed into an initial squad – Premier or Reserves – based on the coaches perception of your performance in the trials and potential. Two teams are then picked weekly from each divisional squad to compete ie from the squad of 20 Premier players, 10 will be selected to play Premier 1 and 10 to play Premier 2. Traditionally a pre-season tournament in Warrnambool over the March long weekend provides another more concentrated opportunity for coaches to see players in action and ensure they have selected them at the right level. Because Phantoms has teams in multiple divisions, there are opportunities to move up and/or down based on ability, performance and commitment.
Where do Phantoms play their matches?
Phantoms play the majority of their home games at the Bendigo Stadium but also try to schedule at least 1-2 rounds per year at other affiliate stadiums. Previously Horsham and Ballarat have hosted trials and home rounds and Ballarat will host the opening round in 2022. We understand the travel commitment for all our members is extremely high so each year we request a maximum number of home games from Volleyball Victoria and then they balance that against all the other requests received across the competition. While we cannot guarantee a certain number of home rounds, VV are generally very accommodating and allocate us more home games than away. Away matches are currently played either in Maribyrnong or the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong although more stadiums will be used in 2022.
What format are games played under?
Wherever possible, Phantoms request double header rounds for all our teams which means we might play the same team twice on the one day. This means we often only play every second week reducing the travel commitment required although there will be occasions in any season where teams will play successive weeks. There are usually 14-16 rounds per year plus finals.
How much does it cost to play?
Annual membership fees vary from year to year and depend on numerous factors including VVL entry fees as set by Volleyball Victoria, uniform expenses, stadium fees, club sponsorship, tournament entry etc. The fees will be made available at the start of each year to help people make decisions on affordability. As a guide, 2021 fees are $400 for Adults and $350 for U19s which includes your end of season presentation night.
What uniform is required to play?

The Club has moved to a model where playing tops will be purchased by the Club and “hired out” to players for a refundable bond amount. Players will return their uniforms at the end of each season and have their bond refunded if they are in good condition. This covers a playing top each. You will be required to purchase your own pair of Club shorts with your membership and also need plain black crew socks. If you want a second playing top, a polo shirt, hoodie or other club merchandise, these can be purchased separately through an order form with the Clubs uniform supplier – S3 Promotions. Please refer to our UNIFORM page.