In 2011, a group of young men from Horsham, Mildura and Bendigo joined forces to take on the Melbourne based clubs of the Victorian Volleyball League. One undefeated season later, these young men were crowned champions of the Men’s 2nd Division. At the time, very few really understood the significance of this team and the accomplishment they had achieved.

We formally became the Western Phantoms Volleyball Club in 2012 with the addition of another two teams. We were now represented at the Men’s Division 1, Men’s Division 2 and Women’s Division 2 levels. All three teams made the grand final and unfortunately all three were runners up.

That has been the foundation which has seen our club continually expand drawing players from Warrnambool, Ballarat, Bendigo, Horsham, Mildura, Melbourne and everywhere in between. In 2017 Western Phantoms became Phantoms as the club secured an historic sponsorship deal with the Bendigo Stadium which will ensure its financial viability for the future, provide unprecedented court access for training and home matches and enable our playing fees to remain relatively low and stable to compensate for the additional travel expenses that our players, coaches, supporters and parents incur. In 2018 we have again grown from 7 teams (4 men and 3 women), to a full compliment of 8 teams represented in every Division:

Premier Mens & Womens
Reserves Womens & Mens
Division 2 Mens & Womens
Division 3 Womens & Mens

We exist as a club to help promote the game of volleyball in country Victoria, develop young players across all our regional centres and provide a pathway that can realistically take any player from primary school volleyball to representing Australia. At the end of the day, our goal is to have as many people as possible playing this amazing game of volleyball and sharing our passion for it.

Anyone wishing to be involved in the club as a player, coach, administrator or sponsor can contact us via email, through our contact page or via facebook. As a club we are always on the look out for opportunities to promote volleyball at both a junior and senior level. If any schools, associations or businesses have any questions or are looking to get involved in volleyball, please contact us to see if we can help.

The Phantoms Oath:
“Intense Diligence, Exceptional Preparation, Uncommon Sacrifice”

Phantoms 2020 Results
Due to the COVID19 Pandemic all VVL rounds were cancelled in 2020
Phantoms 2019 Results
Premier Women 5th/8
Premier Men 6th/8
Reserves Men 5th/13
Reserves Women 7th/13
Division 2 Men Black 4th/14
Divison 2 Men Purple 8th/14
Division 2 Women 9th/17
Division 3 Women 5th/13
Division 3 Men 8th/9
Phantoms 2018 Results
Premier Women 4th/9
Premier Men 6th/9
Reserves Men 6th/12
Reserves Women 9th/12
Division 2 Men 2nd/11
Division 2 Women 11th/16
Division 3 Men 1st/10
Division 3 Women 9th/13
Phantoms 2017 Results
Premier Men 5th/9
Reserves Men 6th/11
Reserves Women 2nd/11
Division 2 Men 6th/13
Division 2 Women 8th/17
Division 3 Men 5th/8
Division 3 Women 4th/8
Phantoms 2016 Results
Premier Men 7th/8
Reserves Men 9th/11
Reserves Women 4th/10
Division 2 Men 10th/14
Division 2 Women 13th/14
Phantoms 2015 Results
Premier Men 6th/8
Reserves Men 7th/10
Reserves Women 8th/9
Division 2 Men 5th/8
Division 2 Women 3rd/12
Phantoms 2014 Results
Premier Men 5th/9
Reserves Men 4th/10
Reserves Women 5th/9
Division 2 Men 4th/6
Division 2 Women 9th/15